1. xhanthi:

    A while ago I posted this “Then & Now" thing on my blog and I thought I’d update it and share my very first faceup with you guys here on Tumblr. I think the picture is a bit bigger on the blog, also you can read me waffle about how I felt like I’d failed. 

    Anyway, the reason I wanted to share was to encourage everyone to give things a go. I mean we all start somewhere so don’t be afraid to give things a try, and don’t give up on yourself. You don’t have to be perfect, just aim for happy, and don’t worry about the other folks. 

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  2. andreja:

    Little Miss Reira :)

  4. bjdsforbeginners:

    Kassia on Flickr.

    DIM Kassia, dressed in Tonner Doll (American Model size) Court Gown costume. It barely snaps in the back, though—and I think I may have had to remove her hands to slip the sleeves on, but I can’t remember now.

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  6. musumeadventures:

    New Soom release! [AUG] Serin & Rico - The Little Mermaid

    She is so beautiful, even if I’m not into child-looking mini dolls. Her sales page is here: http://dollsoom.com/japan/shop/item.php?it_id=1409203133

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  7. puppet:

    DSC_0133 by SaikoXIX on Flickr.

  8. dinksdolls:

    Dreamscape II by Esmei Persona on Flickr.

    Shot by Esmei Persona ^^

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  9. itsumohyouri:

    I always try and capture one ‘personal’ photo when I’m shooting for the shop haha uwu so here’s Madeline, my littlefee ante.

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