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  2. glyndarling:


    Yasmin and Luna are starting to seem somewhat horny. I mean, an 18+ account for dolls? DOLLS! That is so embarrassing. It’s okay to post sexy picture of your doll every now and then but an account for dolly porn is just insanely disturbing. And all their photo stories revolve around sex or flirting. Makes me think they’re sort of deprived.


    Some of us enjoy "dolly porn", as it happens.  So long as you are not being exposed to it against your will, no harm done.  Honestly, I’d not heard of this collector until people began to complain that her work is no longer PG.  The more I hear, the more curious I become…

    [As a note, “deprived” is not the word you were looking for it is “depraved”.  Granted, that isn’t accurate, either as that implies malice and/or corruption.]

    I mean you know this is largely an adult hobby? You know some adults have sex and see each other in the nude? Chill out
    Let people do what they want with their dolls and stop trying to police the hobby so it’s pristine and to your tastes.

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    61cm FOC Dandy- Limited (Alice in Wickedland) - “Tristan as White Rabbit" September 29 ~ October 31

    • Resin Options: normal, white, sun tan or blue-grey
    • Additional Options: face-up, hand blushing and nail painting, outfit (includes rabbit ear mohair wig)

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    Triad (video | full lyrics)
    Song by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

    You want to know
    How it will be
    Me and him
    Or you and me

    So you see what we can do is to try something new
    If you’re crazy too
    I don’t really see
    Why can’t we go on as three

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    more dolls or more stuff for dolls? the eternal struggle

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    DSC_4403 by REEpaint on Flickr.

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    Death goes casual! Perhaps it’s casual friday in the realm of the gods? He normally wears his fullset but I couldn’t help putting him in this cute shirt from Dorset because it matched the ears on his hat. Also posing skills. Those boots have heels and he’s super loose. I’m so glad he has a body now. He’s adorable. 

    Death is a Littlefee Chiwoo

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