1. jassydolls:

    Carmen- Supia tan Roda (2007)

    Face-up- me

    I can’t wait to try to give her a manicure. *0* She’s so close (yet so far) to being perfect.

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  2. resinlings:

    Fairyland emailed me back in response to my open/public question on their Customer Service board.  I thought I would share with you their reply.

    Here’s the text version:

    Thank you for bringing this matter into our attention. We -site administrators- are also shocked and appalled by this incident and share utter disappointment and aversion many of our customers must have felt.

    For your information, our chief producer and chief management officer have been in touch with Mr. Dave Crook and Mr. Brian Pape - artist behind the Feeple60 Rin Full Package weapon design- through a help of part time translator (site administrators capable of speaking English do not work in the actual FairyLand/CP office and work outside of regular business hours, making it difficult to post immediate response).

    The chief producer of the sculpting team Ceberus Project and our chief management officer of processing and sales team have expressed their sincere apologies to artists and everyone else involved including our customers. An official statement will be available on our notice board once we hear back from Mr. Brian Pape.

    In the meanwhile, FairyLand / CP is currently in the process of discussing how to credit and recompense Mr. Dave Crook for use of his “Gunlass” design with the artist himself, who has been more than kind to accept our apology and shown interest in doing collaborative work in future. For this reason, we do not expect sales page of Feeple60 Celine full package to be pulled down at this point but there may be a possibility of pulling down Feeple60 Rin Full package if Mr. Brian Pape desires so. In such a case, CP / FairyLand will do everything to make sure that customers and dealers who have purchased Feeple60 Rin Full packages are taken care of in every possible way.

    There may be much further consequences of this incident as we have been informed that chief producer of the sculpting team and chief management officer both have handed in their resignation for choosing to go ahead with the production without seeking artists’ consent. They will be with us till everything has been resolved for sure. We expect more details to be available after the weekend during our regular business hour.

    Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

    Thank you for waiting. 

    Kind Regards,



  3. y’all don’t understand how real my thirst for a soony is i have wanted this doll since i got in this hobby do not mess with me 


  4. the soony event head is free 

    when you spend $600 


  5. SOONY


    FAIRLYAND AHAS AA SOON Y NOW I’M GOING OUT OF M Y MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    SOONY HAS BEEN OUT OF STOCK ON LUTS AND NOW FAIRYLNAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FAVORITE COMPNAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS PRODUCING SOONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M REALLY REALLY FREAKING OUT I’M SO EXICTEED I CAN’T CONCENTRATE HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOONY~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  6. mhinsider:

    They added her package to the display.

  7. silksurgerybjd:

    This cat is omnipresent:D

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  8. charlietheskonk:

    i think the folks in the first photo thought i wanted to steal their treats … but there were plenty of REAL PEOPLE cakes there for me to eat instead!  :D

    this looks like the best meetup omg. you said this was from the dairyland community? There must be a lot of you wowowow

  9. charlietheskonk:



    more people i don’t know and their dolls!  :D  i did talk to some of their owners and they were very nice, but i don’t know who belongs to who >__>;;  however, they were all very willing to be photographed.

    yes.  that is a green dollshe.  dressed in a leaf toga.  dairyland meet.

    The Jolly Green Giant seems like an oddly specific thing to dress a doll as. He looks good though; I bet that leaf toga was a lot of work!

    i believe the story was that he was shipped to a friend of the owner’s house, and she made him this outfit as a surprise for the owner when they finally got to pick him up!  (i think i heard her right, anyway!)

    he was soooooo green in person, lol!