2. bruh no lie MB Lilac on DoA is a freaking master okay they take phenominal photos holy freaking heck if you just casually stroll through the BID discussion thread you’ll see her popping up from time to tiME WITH JUST THE SICKEST PHOTOS I LOVE MB LILAC SHE’S A HUGE INSPIRATION WTF!!!!!!!!! 

  3. gothdollydolls:

     Isabel by chateau dolls

  4. helloknightmares:

    Rrabit shirts, most practical things. 8D

  5. aevynne:

    Aww yiss Maya got a septum piercing~

    I’ve been wanting to give her one of these for a loooonnnggg time…since before I even got her tbh. Just never got around to it. XD

    I found our wire cutter thingmajigs earlier this evening and went to work on some teeny tiny rings I bought before she even arrived (again, specifically for piercings XD) and after a few failed attempts, managed to shove this one up into her nose! I only used a little bit of elmers glue to help them stick, but they should be fine for a little while, unless I knock her in the face or something…<_<;


  6. dear light brown lonnie on the marketplace: 

    please stay for sale for like 

    one more month 


  7. boku-no-heichou:

    Gosh sorry I haven’t been around much, college has been very busy! Here’s some Aoba with hand-dyed jeans and those new headphones!